Soft Leather Show Leads

Soft Leather show leads are less expensive than Kangaroo leads, but still just as unique and attractive. Soft leather leads are made of sheep nappa hides and can be made in different colors.

All leads are hand made by LittleWind Show Leads using inner core for added strenght. Leads can be made with or without beads. Leather leads are approximately 6mm wide. As this leather is sewn round rather than braided like Kangaroo, a clip attachement or a permanent attachement to collar is recommended, instead of a loop attachement.

Please note: As leather is natural product, some stretching may occur. Mishandling or dropping a beaded lead can cause breakage of beads. I use only the best materials available, but cannot guarantee beads.

These leads are excellent for any breed of dog, but are most suitable for small to medium breeds. The leads are not meant for training or obedience. Excessive yanking or pulling of the lead may cause breakage or burn handler’s hands.

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