Custom Made Kangaroo Show Lead


Design your own lead!




Design your own custom made Kangaroo show lead.

Choose Lead colors, lenght, collar type and handle type.

Please choose lenght group for correct pricing and add exact lenght to the last field in either centimeters or inches.

If you have any specific requirements or questions, please send email to

Here are some example images.

1. Red show lead with loop attachement to collar and handle loop

Red kangaroo show lead

2. Black, white and whiskey show leads with martingale collar part and handle loop

Martingale kangaroo leads

3. White kangaroo slip lead with silver collar ring and knot end

White kangaroo slip lead


Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 100 × 4 × 4 cm
Primary color

Aqua, Baby Blue, Beige, Black, Brandy, Bronze, Burgundy, Chocolate, Dark Brown, Fern Green, Gold, Grey, Hot Pink, Jacaranda, Light Pink, Lime Green, Mint Green, Natural, Navy, Olive Green, Orange, Pewter, Purple, Red, Rose, Rose Gold, Royal Blue, Saddle Tan, Silver, Sky Blue, Whiskey, White

Secondary color

Aqua, Baby blue, Beige, Black, Brandy, Bronze, Burgundy, Chocolate, Dark brown, Fern green, Gold, Grey, Hot pink, Jacaranda, Light pink, Lime green, Natural, Navy, Orange, Pewter, Purple, Red, Rose, Royal blue, Saddle tan, Silver, Sky blue, Whiskey, White

Collar attachement

Small clip, Medium clip, Loop, Permanent


0-59cm (0-23"), 60-79cm (24-31"), 80-99cm (32-39"), 100-119cm (40-47"), 120-139cm (48-55"), 140-159cm (56-64")

Exact length

50cm (20"), 55cm (22"), 60cm (24"), 65cm (26"), 70cm (28"), 75cm (30"), 80cm (32"), 85cm (34"), 90cm (36"), 95cm (38"), 100cm (40"), 105cm (42"), 110cm (44"), 115cm (46"), 120cm (48"), 125cm (50"), 130cm (52"), 135cm (54"), 140cm (56"), 145cm (58"), 150cm (60"), 155cm (62"), 160cm (64")


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